"Dirk is a lovely human being over and beyond his expertise in acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and general health practice. He brings his multi-faceted life experience and interpersonal skills to connect with each client. In Dirk's presence you feel accepted as a whole and unique individual. He listens thoughtfully and addresses your health concerns with wisdom and compassion. I feel extremely fortunate to be one of his clients."
Evelyn M.
"Dirk is one of the most authentic people I've ever met, which makes him extraordinarily easy to talk with. I view him as a (health) decision consultant; he is quite knowledgeable about both acupuncture and living. I imagine most everyone would benefit from interacting with someone like him. Dirk also has a delicate touch when it comes to placing acupuncture needles, too."
Evan W.
"I have been working with Dirk on a variety of health issues, ranging from managing insomnia and headaches to simple health maintenance, and it has been an extraordinarily positive experience. Not only is Dirk excellent with regards to his applied techniques (his needle technique is almost entirely painless), but he is also quite knowledgeable in the general realm of Eastern Medicine. Add to this a wonderful bedside manner, kindness, patience, intelligence, and conversational skill. If you have an opportunity to work with him, I highly recommend you make an appointment."
St├ęphane D.
"What a lucky break to have discovered Dirk. The last year of attending his practice has provided unexpected healing and balance, and with such a special spirit and compassionate manner. Much gratitude to be under his care now, and for as long as possible. Thanks, Dirk!"
Mark P.
"I have been treated by Dirk many times and heartily endorse his skills as a healer. He is very knowledgeable and takes pleasure in sharing his expertise, as well as being willing to undertake further research on specific topics. He conducts a detailed intake at each visit, explains what he will be treating and how, and checks in repeatedly during the session. His application of needles and other modalities is sensitive and assured. I have complete confidence in his abilities and highly recommend his services."
Jim V.